Our team come from all over the world and bring with them great talent and experience. They are famous for their helpfulness and friendliness. Anything you need to assist your stay in Perth and at our hotel; they are here for you.

Fon Street

Duty Manager & Bookkeeper

Fon has been working at The Murray Hotel since September 2016. Fon comes from Thailand and has years of of hospitality and accounting experience. Fon is duty manager and bookkeeper at The Murray.



Catherine has been working at the Murray Hotel since 2010. Catherine grew up in the Philippines and enjoys cooking and cleaning; even on her time off!



Lorna started working at The Murray Hotel in 2016. She grew up in the Philippines and came to Australia in 2013. Lorna likes cooking; her favourite to make is Adobo and Chinese dishes.

Alyssa Guadamor

Duty Manager & Housekeeper

Alyssa started working at the Murray Hotel in October 2016 to commence her career in hospitality. Alyssa was born in the Philippines and likes baking and surfing…..the internet. She is currently on maternity leave after having her baby in Nov 2019.



Olivia was born in Subiaco in 2005 and has been “helping” at the Murray Hotel since she was one. During the school holidays Olivia assists with breakfast & housekeeping but mostly enjoys

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helping with dinner service by taking the orders and convincing everyone they need dessert! Olivia would like to be a historian and a writer and is currently working on her oboe playing!

Kate Sinfield


Kate purchased The Murray Hotel Perth in August 2007. Kate grew up in England and came to Australia  in 1986 as a backpacker. Kate has 35 years of hotel management experience and

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a Bachelor Degree in Business, Major in Accounting and is a CPA. She is also a member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation and recently graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Kate is passionate about helping people find work in hotels and further their careers in hospitality. The Murray Hotel has been working with the Central Institute of Technology in Perth since 2008 running training courses for housekeepers. Kate is committed to the education and training of permanent resident migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Anyone wishing to start their career in hotels through a work experienced based program should apply for the short inexpensive course Certificate 1 in Wider Opportunities for Work in Hospitality.

Kate’s linkedin profile link below:

Mark Harris


Mark was born in Fremantle and started his hospitality career in 2010 after finishing 30 years as an Air Traffic Controller. Mark started distilling in 2016 and is now Head Distiller of Sin Gin Distillery in the Swan Valley

Foodbank WA Supporter

Foodbank fights hunger in Western Australia by providing quality food to people in need and delivering food education to promotes healthy eating. The Murray Hotel provides accommodation to Regional Managers when they visit Perth and supports in various other ways.

Work Experience Supporter

The Murray Hotel supports Certificate 1 in Hotels/Housekeeping Wider Opportunities for Work, a course run through Leederville TAFE. Cheap and easy to apply for; there is part learning in the classroom to prepare you for the workplace

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and part placement in a Perth hotel for 50 hours work experience. The Murray Hotel created this course with TAFE in 2008 and 100s of people have gained employment by participating. We support the career opportunities available to anyone who starts in hotels through housekeeping work experience programs. Open to anyone who is a permanent resident.